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Terms and Conditions

Please read the below Terms and Conditions carefully before confirming your order with sweet ideas.

By accepting the quote, you agree to the terms and conditions stated by sweet ideas


Correspondence and Coordination


Correspondence and coordination will filter through coordinators onto and directly with sweet ideas


Cake Stand


Round and square tiered cake stands are included in all quotes and will be delivered with the cake.


The cake stand is only to be used for the cakes supplied. At no time are heavy ornaments, hot lights (including tea lights) or larger cakes to be placed onto the stand.


Cake stands remain the property of sweet ideas and it is the responsibility of the wedding venue to ensure they are handled with care.


Cake Design


The wedding cake design is outlined in the clients final ‘Order Confirmation’. Where possible, a picture of your chosen design will be attached to your order for both of our reference.


If the client chooses to supply their own ribbons, or decorations, they must be suitable for the cake- e.g. enough ribbon, correct thickness, and fabric suitability for the design.


Any figurines or toppers supplied by the client are the responsibility of the client and wedding venue to apply/insert with care to the wedding cake.


At sweet ideas, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and services. It is

important to remember that cakes are a perishable and delicate product.


Whilst all due care is taken to prepare and stabilize tiered wedding cakes, for

transportation and delivery, sweet ideas cannot take responsibility for inclement weather conditions or other unforeseeable incidents that may occur in transit.


NB: All cakes delivered to the Island resorts travel via Cruise Whitsundays Ferries from Airlie



Colouring and ingredients

To ensure the chosen colour is replicated as best and closely as possible, a fabric colour swatch is essential. These can be posted via mail in a suitable time frame prior to the wedding.


Many sugared decorations predominately flowers will contain wire and even though made mostly from edible products, they are intended for decoration and keepsake only, not for consumption.


Allergies and intolerances

Sweet ideas can provide allergy free options on request,

It is then decision of the guest to take responsibility for themselves when consuming this item, which may contain traces of an allergen.


All care will be taken to eliminate as many risks as possible.

sweet ideas will not take responsibility in the unlikely event that the ingredients used in this wedding cake cause a reaction when consumed in the wedding reception environment.

Keep sakes

Selecting fruit cake for the top tier of the wedding cake means it can be stored, frozen, wrapped in cling film inside an airtight container for up to twelve months.


Sugar flowers and figurines need to be removed and kept away from sunlight and moisture.


Health and safety

Whilst the sentimentality of supplying your Mothers or Grandmothers fruit cake for the wedding is a lovely gesture. Unfortunately, due to Health and Hygiene regulations I am unable to ice a cake which has not come from our registered Kitchen.




Should a cancellation be necessary after an ‘Order Confirmation’ has been issued by Sweet Ideas and within 2 weeks prior to the wedding date, full payment will apply.


Should a cancellation be necessary after an ‘Order Confirmation’ has been issued,

(outside 2 weeks prior to the wedding date) a $100.00 cancellation fee will apply.



Requested changes to quotes and orders can only be made up to 1 month prior to the event date, flavour changes can be adjusted up to 2 weeks prior.


Finalised guest numbers must be provided 10 days prior to event date. If no notification is received the guest numbers on the final Order Confirmation will be used, at that cost.


Temperature Considerations

Wedding cake icing availability can be subject to weather conditions.


Tiering configurations

Certain cake flavours are not favourable to tiered designs.


Certain cake textures are not favourable under some icing types.


We can advise and assist you with many different options to accommodate your

favourite cake flavours.

“By accepting your sweet ideas quote, you agree to the terms and conditions stated by sweet ideas.”

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